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Remember when you were younger and believed in Santa Claus? Those times you spent writing letters to him; making Christmas wishes. Well, here is your chance to do it again!

We'll be writing to send him our 12 holiday wishes. Then wait for our requests to be filled. And finally we'll get twelve wonderful days of Christmas!

Rules and Info:

Sign-ups will open on Nov. 14. You are allowed 6 requests, but in making these you are required to fill at least five. Fills should be a minimum of 100 words.

On the 18th I'll have the wish lists up for viewing and claiming. To keep it fair and make sure people are going to get fic written for them you will only be allowed to claim one fic per wishlist and it can only be claimed once. There will be a total of twelve lists(each having their own post) to choose requests to fill. Remember if you sign-up, you have to fill five requests. (If you want to participate by writing but not requesting, you can. But I will be giving priority to those who have signed up to ensure that they get their five fills.)

Since Kpop is a large, diverse fandom, requests for certain groups and pairings may not be filled. Should they remain unclaimed until December 2, you may contact me to replace your unclaimed request(s) for another of your choosing. Therefore, I encourage those participating to check back then for new requests to take.**

Claiming and writing will take palce between November 18 to December 24.

Reveals will between Dec. 25 to the 5th of Jan. Representing twelve days of Christmas. (Day 1 = Dec. 25, Day 2 = Dec. 26, Day 3 = Dec. 27, etc.)


Sign-ups: Nov. 14
Wish Lists go public: Nov. 18
Writing Time: Nov. 18 - Dec. 24 (roughly five weeks)
12 Days of Christmas: Dec. 25 - Jan. 5

*Inspired by kpopvalentines
**Taken from kpopvalentines

If you have any questions, leave me a comment here or send me a PM! Comments on this post are screened.
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