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Mailbox - Send Santa letters HERE aka. the sign-up post

Make Your Wishes: OPENING NOV. 14


Dear Santa:
My name is: kpopinbox
You may contact me here: Email
For Christmas I would like to receive ...
Your six wishes:
1. f(x), victoria/sulli, vegas, any
2. dgna, hyunchul/jihwan, picture prompt here(linked), pg-13
3. big bang, gtopri, song prompt(linked), r
4. t-ara, jiyeon/hwayoung, crossdressing, any
5. 2pm, woosu, high school, g
6. suju/f(x), kyuhyun/victoria, new trax mv(linked), any
Things you absolutely will not read: rape, mpreg, suicide themes

Prompts should be kept simple.

*Comments screened.
Tags: - sign ups
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